Asterix for Beginners

The world of Asterix is not as well known to the people in the NZ, because it is a comic that was written in France and became widely popular there.

It was created by two Frenchmen, Albert Uderzo and Renee Goscinny, where the former was the artist and the latter was the writer of this comic series. The reason why these comics were such a hit in the European world is that they were very close to home and many of the historical information is real. Gaul, primary city of the comic refers to
France itself, while also covering areas of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Luxemburg. The comics were originally created in French but since then have been translated into hundreds of languages.

The focus is on Asterix, his friend Obelix and their village of Gauls, who try to resist the Romans from occupying their land. It is a comic series that is based on humour, historical facts, magic and adventures of the villagers, particularly Asterix. The storyline deals with how Asterix, and his friend ensure that Romans are always defeated in their attempts by the use of a magical potion that lets people have  superhuman strength for a short span of time.

The comic first made its appearance in a French-Belgian magazine Pilote, in the year 1959. It became so famous that 36 books were produced, even though the original creator died in 1977. If you have
never before read these thrilling tales full of pun and laughter, then now is the time to find out all you can about the series. Asterix became so popular that it was not simply published as comic book series, but movies, TV shows, board games and digital games were created for fans. You can find out all you can about Asterix and indulge in the genre you like best.